Triceratops EP

by Fresh Eyes for the Dead Guy

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Our first EP- a combination of 2 early sessions that we did, recorded in the first quarter of 2010.

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released June 6, 2010

Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 6 recorded by our friend Pete in a basement in Sneinton. Tracks 4 and 5 recorded as part of a live session at the Doghouse studios.



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Fresh Eyes for the Dead Guy Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Megapixels
It's when we share a certain fate- a 'common purpose', and things are only making sense now they're behind us, a million miles away, a million miles from here. A million miles away, a million miles from you.
It's certain death, it's do or die- whatever. I'm cheating death forever.
Track Name: Donuts/Biscuits
If the west was won, it wasn't won with strategic thinking. With your handbrake on, every day it's a hill, it's a mountain! Yeah, it's the wrong time. It's the wrong direction. With your handbrake off, every day it's a blur it's a landslide.

So make steps to empathise, deep breaths, analyse.
Step back and recognise youth.

I'm doing great, I'm doing fine, I'm doing everything in time.
I'm doing great, I'm doing fine, so just sit back relax.

When the colour's gone, and the room's still empty. If the feeling's lost then you're just not listening. Sleep in the meantime, sleep with your eyes wide open. With the compass lost every day is a blur it's a headfuck.
Track Name: 1000 Suns
Waking up I'm feeling out of synch. It could be one of about a thousand things.

My heart has gone, exploded in a thousand suns. I could give you all that you want- but that's no fun.
My fuse has gone, now I'm lying in the corner stunned. I could give you all that you want- but that's no fun.

Face down pull out your hair and scream. Another pile of words but what does it mean?
Track Name: Gunishment
Fresh eyes and a fresh appetite, fresh eyes to see you dancing in the streetlight.
Got a craving for the new chemicals? Fresh ink will make your name more legible.
15 minutes to go, 15 minutes to watch you sink.

Sit down, shut up, nobody wants to hear your voice.
Sit down, shut up, nobody wants to hear you think out loud.

Still reeling from the horrors of the last night, still feeling that it never quite felt right. Musing that your mentor man's a massive mental- yeah, I guess that's inevitable..
So move on, your moment's gone. Move on, you're doing it all wrong. Rotting there in the back of a skip, rotting now, your clothes and your face don't fit.
Track Name: HB
She sings the sad songs, they cut you up in the verse.
You love the sad songs, because they make you feel worse.
Abandoned formats- I never wanted to die.
Go put your records on, turn out the lights.

So play along if you want.

A shattered cymbal evaporates in the night, clinging to the bass chords, hanging on for dear life.
Give me a stylus, give me a broken TV.
Go put your records on, give me a reason to sing.

So play a long if you want.